Heavy Duty Towing

We have heavy-duty towing vehicles for those clients whose vehicles are larger, wider, and heavier than the average. This allows us to adjust for the weight or size of the vehicle being moved. The following sections provide additional information on the types of equipment we move.

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Big Rigs

Big Rigs Towing is able to assist you with towing big rigs. We not only possess the specialized equipment necessary for moving these types of vehicles, but we also possess the necessary skills and experience in order to handle this type of work with maximum precision. In view of the fact that these are expensive vehicles, improper handling can result in major damages to them. In spite of this, safety becomes even more of a concern when performing this kind of work than it is with other types of work.


Towing a bus can be tricky because of its size and shape – just like towing a big rig. Our technicians are always mindful of the weight of the bus being towed. They not only make sure that the bus is securely attached during transport, but also that it will remain secure during transit. Another thing our technicians take into account is the tow truck’s and the bus’s ability to maneuver together. To keep everyone on the road safe, it is crucial to take the vehicle to a garage or repair shop after it has been towed.


We also understand that you may need to move a trailer or motorhome. We know that a trailer is your home and we will treat it with care and respect for the belongings inside. The satisfaction of our clients is always our number one priority and we would never want to cause any damage to your property.

Construction Equipment

As a construction business owner, you may have questions about moving your equipment. Our team can help you move any equipment you need quickly and efficiently.You always have work to do, so we know you must accomplish them. In order to prevent damage to your equipment or delays in delivery, we make sure to move as quickly as possible while following proper safety procedures.


Cranes are a type of equipment that we move, and they can be challenging because of their shape, weight, and size. Even small transportation mistakes can be deadly. So our technicians have been trained to prevent such a thing from happening. Our experience allows us to move heavy equipment without any issue, so Rapid Towing Milford is the best choice.


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